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Fleurs et ombres


A French preschool teacher but also a dedicated wife and an anticipating and loving mom of a 5 years old daughter, Kaylee. 
I have dedicated almost 14 years of my life to the field of early childhood education. After that many years, and despite the love  I have for children, the need to move towards something completely new and different just kept on growing deeper and deeper. 
"Choose a career that you are passionate about and you won’t have to work a single day in your life!” 
That is the choice I made and I finally decided to get into the crazy and difficult but beautiful journey of entrepreneurship and launch my own event planning business. 
Is it scary ? Hell YES !! But I believe that my dedication, creativity, organizational skills, and my professionalism as well as my passion and commitment to help people will lead me towards greatness. 
As I enter the world of the event industry, I want nothing more than to surround myself with positive thinkers and uplifting people. I am looking forward to inspire and empower, to bring people together and create beautiful experiences tailored to your taste and personality as well as build meaningful relationships with clients and other professionals. 

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